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The Winners

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The Winners

The Winners has been played on NTS in shows including From Sun City, featured first on 14 January 2014. Songs played include Get Ready For The Future.

1) The Winners was a late 70s disco band including John M. Wells, Eluriel "Tinker" Barfield, Michael L. King, Steven A. Scales, Andrew J. Gadsden, Herbert E. Ford, William S. "Wee Willie" Armour, Curt Neishloss and John A. Pratt.

2) The Winners is an Italo Disco act, that was arranged by G. Barboni and G. Panariello. They recorded the hit "Freedom" with Deborah Haslam and Miko Mission Junior.

3) The Winners is a German band, active in the 1980s and 1990s,…

Get Ready For The Future
Ariola Records America1978
Get Ready For The Future
WinnersAriola Records America1978