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Hot Club De Paris

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Hot Club De Paris

Hot Club De Paris has been played on NTS shows including House Call, with Shipwreck first played on 10 May 2015.

Hot Club de Paris are an indie-rock trio from Liverpool, Merseyside consisting of Paul Rafferty (vocals/bass/baritone guitar), Matthew Smith (guitar/vocals) and his brother Alasdair Smith (drums/vocals). Inspired by such diverse groups as Owls, Storm and Stress, Pavement, Don Caballero, Joan of Arc, Les Savy Fav, Minutemen, Black Flag, XTC and Talking Heads, they create fast-paced, melodic music combining sing-along choruses with intricate arrangements, three-part vocal harmonies, odd time signatures and literate, observational lyrics.

They formed in 2003, their name being inspired by a…

Hot Club De Paris
Moshi Moshi Records2007
Hot Club De ParisMoshi Moshi Records2007