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Laura Palmer

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Laura Palmer

Laura Palmer has been played on NTS in shows including Silent Servant Presents: Optimistic Decay, featured first on 11 January 2023. Songs played include Stop Pretending You Are Not A Monster.

Laura Palmer is the name of at least 4 different artists.

1) Laura Palmer is the alias of a Hungarian minimal and ambient producer. Laura Palmer released the 'Background' album on the Thinner netlabel in June 2007. Laura's tracks are a great example of getting a unique sound by a conscious combination and use of dubby atmospheres, layered keys & chords with techno samples, and minimalistic beat structuring.

2) Laura Palmer (June 2001-March 2004) was started…

Stop Pretending You Are Not A Monster
Laura Palmer
Marguerite Records2020
Stop Pretending You Are Not A Monster
Laura PalmerMarguerite Records2020