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Vendredi Sur Mer

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Vendredi Sur Mer

Vendredi Sur Mer has been played on NTS shows including The Athenian Marketplace , with Écoute Chérie first played on 13 January 2023.

From Geneva, Switzerland, although her nationality is usually defined as Franco-Swiss. Her name is Charline Mignot, but artistically she is known as Vendredi sur Mer.

Coming into the world in the mid 90's, Charline grows up with a very introverted view of the world around her. As she grew up and wanted to explain her surroundings in her own way, she moved more and more towards the arts, fashion and photography, and it is in the latter that she dedicated her studies.

In his…

Écoute Chérie
Vendredi Sur Mer
Profil de Face, Sony Music2019
Écoute Chérie
Vendredi Sur MerProfil de Face, Sony Music2019