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Mari Natsuki

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Mari Natsuki

Mari Natsuki has been played on NTS shows including Full House, with Uragiri (Pruned by Sukebe) first played on 1 March 2015.

Mari Natsuki (夏木 マリ Natsuki Mari), real name Junko Nakajima (中島 淳子 Nakajima Junko; born 2 May 1952), is a Japanese singer, dancer and actress.

She was born in Tokyo, Japan, and started work as a singer from a very young age, her specialty being jazz and a level of sensuality that was somewhat shocking in a Japan as conservative as it was at the time. Her movements, even while singing, are smooth, graceful and have a trademark undulating of the hand at the…

Uragiri (Pruned by Sukebe)
Mari Natsuki
Last Records2015
Uragiri (Pruned by Sukebe)
Mari NatsukiLast Records2015