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Chopper has been played on NTS shows including Record Store Rotation: Flashback Records, with Make Love 2 Me (Mix 1) first played on 18 November 2014.

There are at least six bands named Chopper.

1.) Chopper was a Connecticut-based power pop band formed in 1989 by guitarist/songwriter Steven Deal (Bleached Black), bassist Dean McNulty, and drummer Furgis Allen. Guitarist Robert Dietrich was added before the release of the band's self-titled 1991 CD, and Nick Appleby soon replaced Dean McNulty on bass. (Steven Deal and Nick Appleby later formed The Absolute Zeros.)

Discography: 4-Play EP (1989) Chopper CD (1991) "How Does It Feel to Feel?/Caitlin Cries" 7-inch (1991) "White Summer/How Does…

Make Love 2 Me (Mix 1)
Lewi, Chopper
Street Tuff Records1995
Make Love 2 Me (Mix 1)
Lewi, ChopperStreet Tuff Records1995