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The Enid

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The Enid

The Enid has been played on NTS in shows including Record Store Rotation: Flashback Records, featured first on 15 July 2014. Songs played include Who Created Me?.

The Enid is a British rock band founded in 1975 by Robert John Godfrey, Stephen Stewart and Francis Lickerish. Another early member was William Gilmour, who subsequently founded his own band Craft and now plays keyboards in Lickerish's band Secret Green.

Current Line-up:

Robert John Godfrey - Keyboards Jason Ducker - Guitar Max Read - Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards Dave Storey - Drums Dominic Tofield - Percussion Joe Payne - Vocals/Keyboards

The Enid's membership has undergone several changes, always with Godfrey firmly at the helm, and its…

Who Created Me?
The Enid
Operation Seraphim2012
Who Created Me?
The EnidOperation Seraphim2012