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Smokey Wilson

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Smokey Wilson

Smokey Wilson has been played on NTS in shows including Record Store Rotation: Flashback Records, featured first on 27 January 2015. Songs played include I Wanna' Do It To You Baby.

Smokey Wilson remains one of America's most precious and irreplaceable treasures, the "Bluesman". Born in Mississippi in 1936, Robert Lee "Smokey" Wilson learned the blues at the feet of legends Elmore James, Jimmy Reed, Howlin' Wolf and B.B. King.

As a child, Smokey's burning desire to play the blues had to be satisfied on a homemade broom handle and bailing wire guitar until his mother bought him his first acoustic at thirteen. He would soon…

I Wanna' Do It To You Baby
Smokey Wilson
Big Town1977
I Wanna' Do It To You Baby
Smokey WilsonBig Town1977