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Bathroom Renovations

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Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovations has been played on NTS shows including La Vida es un Mus , with Apathetic Hell first played on 3 March 2015.

Bathroom Renovations were: John Bidet (git/vox), Dave Pathetique (keys), and Ian Systems (bass). The first incarnation also included Cath Bath and Jane Drain (b/vox) and Armitage Shanks (drums). These are the people on the records. They were once described as "Manchester's answer to Pink Floyd".

The second coming saw Guy taking over behind the drum kit with Corky doing backing vocals, and a much harder sound, stretching Pink Floyd into Killing Joke. Although this incarnation lasted several years and built up quite…

Apathetic Hell
Bathroom Renovations
Apathetic Hell
Bathroom RenovationsL´Aventure1980