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Spacedog has been played on NTS shows including Loose Bones, with Quiet Industry first played on 22 June 2015.

There are two groups using the name Spacedog on LastFM:

Spacedog UK band, based in Brighton A human, theremin and robot band who are regular live performers on the London and Brighton circuits. Playing live since 2005.

Spacedog Radio. An internet radio station.

Spacedog (UK band) Haunted by defunct machinery, faded variety acts and the darkest English folk tales, Spacedog are known for their strangely unsettling, ethereal music, performed on theremin, vocals, keyboards and percussion, and for their ensemble of 'uncanny' robots who perform with them live. Juice for the Baby is…

Quiet Industry
Belbury Poly, Spacedog
Ghost Box2013
Quiet Industry
Belbury Poly, SpacedogGhost Box2013