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Os Ovni

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Os Ovni

Os Ovni has been played on NTS shows including Loose Bones, with On Drifting first played on 19 January 2015.

Emerging from the more unreality side of reality, the duo of Logan Owlbeemoth and Omebi Velouria build minimal sonic structures around time travel melodies using warm synths, dream drifting vox, based in a futuristic celluloid film world made of hyper changing time and space visions… ….As the collision of rebellious oscillations and layered harmonics clash and hum, it seems that their music is trying to pry open a gateway to its own science fictional universe. The shimmering gateway opens, and what you find when you look…

On Drifting
Os Ovni
Clan Destine Records2012
On Drifting
Os OvniClan Destine Records2012