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Max de Castro

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Max de Castro

Max de Castro has been played on NTS shows including Let's Be Brief, with Carnaval (Original Mix) first played on 31 August 2013.

Guitar player, composer, producer and singer, Max de Castro joins modernity to the solid basis of the brazilian music. As a teenager, Max formed a band competing and winning several music festivals, and also participate of a TV show called "Cia da Música", been two years on the air. Max worked as arranger and composer in several bazilian musicians' albuns, consolidating his producer carreer. In 2000, Max released "Samba Raro", produced, aranjed and composed by hinself. This album was aclaimed by public, musicians and…

Carnaval (Original Mix)
Max de Castro, DJ Patife
С.С. Промо2001
Carnaval (Original Mix)
Max de Castro, DJ PatifeС.С. Промо2001