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The Beholder

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The Beholder

The Beholder has been played on NTS shows including SPFDJ, with Beat Of Impact first played on 29 June 2023.

There are 2 artists known as The Beholder.

The hardstyle DJ The Beholder is an alias for Jeroen Streunding, probably better known as the man behind the hardcore-formation Neophyte. Jeroen uses his alias The Beholder for his hardstyle releases.

The Death Metal/Grindcore band from Wisconsin With a onslaught of pulverizing drum work, face melting guitar parts, chunky bass lines and dueling guttural vocals straight from hell, THE BEHOLDER was everything a deathgrind band should be and more. THE BEHOLDER attempted to step it up a notch musically, drawing influences…

Beat Of Impact
The Beholder, Max, Mike
Seismic Records2001
Beat Of Impact
The Beholder, Max, MikeSeismic Records2001