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Andy Gray

Andy Gray has been played on NTS shows including Low Life Loves You w/ Bill Brewster, with Lets Do It Again (Untitled Mix 1) first played on 19 September 2023.

The Big Brother Theme (UK) is fairly well known, but it may come as a suprise that the Channel 4 production team actually asked about 50 artists / groups to submit music.

Andy is on record as saying that had he known they were up against such competition, he might not have bothered.

Andy Gray was once asked what track inspired him to produce / mix music. His answer Are Friends Electric. He went on to…

Lets Do It Again (Untitled Mix 1)
Tori Amos, Andy Gray
6am n Rockin, BPM Records (UK)2000
Lets Do It Again (Untitled Mix 1)
Tori Amos, Andy Gray6am n Rockin, BPM Records (UK)2000