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God Damn

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God Damn

God Damn was first played on NTS on 7 November 2014. Songs played include Dangle Like Skeletons.

There are at least two groups under this name:

[1] Dropped like a pipe-bomb into the British rock scene, Wolverhampton band God Damn have spent the last three years nailing audiences to the walls with their sonic blasts of glorious noise. Yet their debut album Vultures offers more than just machismo, bombast and bluster. There is nuance and melody. Purpose and meaning. Heartfelt intent.

A dizzying blend of barbed wire guitars, lung-shredding vocals and drums that run away like wild horses. It’s all the more effective when you learn God…

Dangle Like Skeletons
God Damn
Gravy Records2013
Dangle Like Skeletons
God DamnGravy Records2013