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Himan was first played on NTS on 31 October 2014. Songs played include In Your Mind (Basic Soul Unit Rmx).

Himan (Julien Lacroix) was born in France in 1985 and is a DJ / Producer of electronic music. Influenced by the French House of the late 90’s and early 00’s that dominated the music scene in France, he is also inspired by disco, funk and eighties culture. At the age of thirteen, Stardust’s release of “Music Sounds Better With You” began his fascination with music styles composed of samples and filtered loops. In 2010, in collaboration with fellow french electronic artist Fever 105, together they…

In Your Mind (Basic Soul Unit Rmx)
Himan (Basic Soul Unit mix)
Release Sustain2014
In Your Mind (Basic Soul Unit Rmx)
Himan (Basic Soul Unit mix)Release Sustain2014