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Hidden Place

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Hidden Place

Hidden Place has been played on NTS shows including Channeling w/ Ivan Smagghe & Nathan Gregory Wilkins, with London To Rome (V.2) first played on 9 December 2014.

Official site: HIDDEN PLACE is an alternative electronic new wave band born in Italy in 2004 formed by siblings SaraLux and Fabio V. ,Giampiero Di B., Antonio L. 2005-first demo cd-r "Weather Station".Two tracks(Centrali Termoelettriche,Emotional Frequencies) of "Weather Station"appear on the german compilations:"Georg Kolbe Tribute(VAWS) and VAWS Vol.V+(VAWS) 2006- the song "Euritmia del Fulgore" appears on t he compilation"Credo in unum Deum"(Trinitas Music). 2007- the full length debut album "Fantasia Meccanica" (Hellektroempire) is released.Also,the album contains two The Frozen Autumn remixes. 2008-…

London To Rome (V.2)
Hidden Place
Peripheral Minimal2014
London To Rome (V.2)
Hidden PlacePeripheral Minimal2014