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Joe Kickass

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Joe Kickass

Joe Kickass has been played on NTS in shows including Dark & Lovely Global Roots w/ Thristian, featured first on 23 February 2014. Songs played include The Big Bang.

Frustrated by most of today’s hiphop, Joe drops the accessories and takes it back to basics. Brought up by listening to jazz, Joe starts rhyming and producing at a young age. Inspired by the oldskool he constantly chops up dusty records to create headnoddin’ beats. Improvising with the means he has, Joe uses an umbrella and bed covers for a vocal booth and a bunch of shoeboxes for rhymebooks. His ever growing stack of lyrics portrays…

The Big Bang
Joe Kickass
Project: Mooncircle2014
The Big Bang
Joe KickassProject: Mooncircle2014