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Max B

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Max B

Max B was first played on NTS on 27 June 2014. Songs played include In My Heart II (Palmistry Edit).

Charly Wingate (born May 21, 1975), better known by his stage name Max B (short for Max Biggaveli), is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. He is best known for his solo Public Domain and Million Dollar Baby series of mixtapes, and introducing the term "wavy" as a slang in popular lexicon.[3][4]

He made his mixtape debut in 2006, and signed a recording deal with fellow Harlem-based rapper Jim Jones' label/group ByrdGang. Following a streak of financial and ethical grievances, Max B parted ways with Jones…

In My Heart II (Palmistry Edit)
I-Octane, Max B
DIS Magazine2014
In My Heart II (Palmistry Edit)
I-Octane, Max BDIS Magazine2014