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Todd Sines


Todd Sines

On 29 January 2019, Todd Sines was a guest on Delivery Presents: Haan. Todd Sines has been played on NTS shows including Bergsonist, with Svon (Clint Taurus Mix) first played on 5 November 2014.

Multidisciplinary artist, director + musician Todd Sines forged his DIY approach 30 years ago in his teenage hobby, making zines—interviewing Coil, Chris & Cosey, :Zoviet*France, Meat Beat Manifesto, PIL’s Martin Atkins, and UR’s Mad Mike.

Inspired by early electro, pop and hip-hop like Art of Noise, Herbie Hancock & Whodini, Todd Sines began creating music in the late 80’s, ranging from post-punk and industrial, to techno and house. He swapped his bass…

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