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The Hassles

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The Hassles

The Hassles was first played on NTS on 3 July 2015. Songs played include Four O'Clock In The Morning.

The Hassles were a rock group in the 1960s, most notable for recording the first releases to feature Billy Joel. The group released two full-length albums (United Artists Records) and a number of singles.

The original line-up of the group consisted of vocalist John Dizek, guitarist Richard McKenna, drummer Jon Small, and organist Harry Weber. In 1966 Weber was fired from the band due to excessive drug use (found dead a few years later on a railroad track) and was replaced by Howie Arthur Blauvelt and Billy…

Four O'Clock In The Morning
Billy Joel, The Hassles
Four O'Clock In The Morning
Billy Joel, The HasslesEMI0