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Sound Factory

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Sound Factory

Sound Factory has been played on NTS shows including Radi Dadi, with Cuban Gigolo (Original Mix) first played on 30 August 2014.

1- Sound Factory (also written SoundFactory) is a Swedish dance act consisting of Emil Hellman and James Gicho, also known as St. James. They recorded the album "Product" and some singles like "Understand This Groove", "2 The Rhythm", "Come Take Control" and "Good Time".

2- Sound Factory is also an Italian pop band. The members of Sound Factory are Julie P. (vocals & programming), Giovanni “MJ” Signoretti (piano & keyboards) and Roberto “Bob” Baruffaldi (drums).

In summer 2002, at a musical and poetry event in…

Cuban Gigolo (Original Mix)
The Sound Factory
New State Music2012
Cuban Gigolo (Original Mix)
The Sound FactoryNew State Music2012