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Brother From Another Planet

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Brother From Another Planet

Brother From Another Planet has been played on NTS in shows including Bleep, featured first on 20 June 2014. Songs played include Planet Earth.

"Brothers from Another Planet" is a Mind Expansive Musical Group that chronicles the creative concepts, poetical insights & living experiences of Creative Artists (and siblings) Goldensun Josiah and Saladin Allah; two of the Founding Members of 'The 7 Sublime Lords' and the Interstellar Arkustra 'The Laylines'.

"Brothers from Another Planet" weave tales of rich Atlantean Folklore, takes you on v…isual tour of historical places, and submerges you into various realms of Consciousness that are both entertaining and enlightening! The deeply imaginative and…

Planet Earth
Brother From Another Planet
7th City1992
Planet Earth
Brother From Another Planet7th City1992