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Red Fang

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Red Fang

Red Fang has been played on NTS shows including Cherrystones, with Blood Like Cream first played on 25 November 2014.

Red Fang are the result of the band Party Time recruiting Aaron Beam and eventually changing their name. David Sullivan had previously been a guitarist in Facedowninshit, also a Portland, OR outfit; he also played alongside Giles and Sherman in a band called Party Time. Giles also spent time in a band called Last of the Juanitas. Aaron Beam played bass for Dark Forces and Lachyrmator before Red Fang’s inception. Sherman, in addition to Party Time, played drums for Bad Wizard, Truman’s Water, and All…

Blood Like Cream
Red Fang
Relapse Records2013
Blood Like Cream
Red FangRelapse Records2013