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Soy Mustafa

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Soy Mustafa

Soy Mustafa has been played on NTS shows including Kristina Records, with Bug In The Bassbin first played on 29 January 2013.

Monikers: S2000

Soy Mustafa is a DJ, producer and the label head of both Cinematic and Shack Music. Drawing influence from Detroit’s current overlords to visionary instrumentalists from bygone decades, his focus rests on forward thinking house music that captures the visceral spirit of techno.

From Turkish Cypriot descent and growing up in 80’s Tottenham, Soy was exposed to a rich melting point of different cultures from an early age. Yet it was the era’s pirate radiobroadcasts and futuristic film scores that first cemented the…

Bug In The Bassbin
Soy Mustafa (Soy Mustafa mix)
Cinematic Recordings2013
Bug In The Bassbin
Soy Mustafa (Soy Mustafa mix)Cinematic Recordings2013