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George Melly

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George Melly

George Melly has been played on NTS shows including Cherrystones, with Sounds That Saved My Life first played on 14 May 2013.

Alan George Heywood Melly (17 August 1926 – 5 July 2007) was an English jazz and blues singer and writer. From 1965–1973 he was a film and television critic for The Observer. He also lectured on art history, with an emphasis on Surrealism.

His singing style, particularly for the blues, was strongly influenced by his idol, the American Blues singer Bessie Smith. While many British musicians of the time treated jazz and blues with almost religious solemnity, Melly rejoiced in their more bawdy side,…

Sounds That Saved My Life
George Melly
Cherry Red2008
Sounds That Saved My Life
George MellyCherry Red2008