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Nellie Lutcher

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Nellie Lutcher

Nellie Lutcher has been played on NTS shows including Prosumer, with Fine Brown Frame first played on 14 July 2015.

Nellie Lutcher (October 15, 1912 – June 8, 2007) was an African-American rhythm & blues and jazz singer and pianist, who gained prominence in the late 1940s and early 1950s. She was most recognizable for her diction and exaggerated pronunciation, and was credited as an influence by Nina Simone among others.

She was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana, the eldest daughter of the 15 children of Isaac and Suzie Lutcher. Her father was a bass player, and her mother a church organist. She received piano lessons,…

Fine Brown Frame
Nellie Lutcher
Capitol Records1950
Fine Brown Frame
Nellie LutcherCapitol Records1950