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Theory Hazit

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Theory Hazit

Theory Hazit has been played on NTS shows including Live From LA, with Distort3d Joy first played on 10 September 2014.

Who is Theory Hazit? One MC with enough style to give the impression that he is a 3-man group.

Who is Theory Hazit? A producer/DJ who feels at home rhyming over his own beats – or collaborating with high profile producers.

Who is Theory Hazit? A husband and father – emerging from his days as a troubled youth and developing into a wise family man.

Theory Hazit is a Hip Hop artist – born and raised in Winchester Kentucky with the support of his granny, an aunt and 2 uncles….

Distort3d Joy
Th3ory Hazit
Humble Beast2011
Distort3d Joy
Th3ory HazitHumble Beast2011