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Acos CoolKAs

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Acos CoolKAs

Acos CoolKAs has been played on NTS shows including James Massiah, with Flying Nightmare (Acos Coolkas Version) first played on 17 January 2015.

Acos Coolkas are Konstantin Atomas and Vasiliy Basalaev from Omsk, Russia. Omsk by the way is the largest city of Southern Siberia situated at the crossing of Transsiberian Magistral and the Irtysh river - 2500 kilometers from Moscow to the East. It's pretty hard to imagine where it is unless you are a geography expert. However - there are people that produce electronic music like this living there. The name of the project Acos Coolkas is a combination of its participants’ web nicknames….

Flying Nightmare (Acos Coolkas Version)
Space (Acos Coolkas mix)
Nang Records2009
Flying Nightmare (Acos Coolkas Version)
Space (Acos Coolkas mix)Nang Records2009