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Monkey Steak

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Monkey Steak

Monkey Steak has been played on NTS in shows including The Wire Magazine Present Rewired, featured first on 15 August 2013. Songs played include Ruff Ting King.

Monkey Steak are producers Atki2 and Hanuman from Bristol and London respectively. With their ruffnek beats and rude bwoy pop Monkey Steak are dancefloor dynamite. Mashing up global riddims and bass heavy genre bending ruffness, they incorporate sounds from bassline to bashment, grime to dubstep to 2step garage to baille funk to jungle and back again!

They entered the scene anonymously back in 2005, dropping the first 12" in Werk Disc's infamous Grim Dubs series, a tongue-in-cheek and irreverent…

Ruff Ting King
Monkey Steak
Werk Discs2005
Ruff Ting King
Monkey SteakWerk Discs2005