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Lost Weight

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Lost Weight

Lost Weight has been played on NTS shows including The Wire Magazine Present Rewired, with The Trickle Up Theory first played on 18 July 2013.

Lost Weight is the moniker under which Jukka Vallisto releases sound works, made both by himself and with collaborators. On previous releases, pieces have taken the forms of sample-built 4/4 stomps, snaky rhythm excursions in time signatures like 15/8, and abstract contours navigating a space which harshness and smoothness cohabit.

Immune To Jewels (Some Place Else 2012) collects plunderphonic pieces made between 1995 and 2011, from a miniaturized Finnish lullaby, via several pieces made while working for (and broadcast on)…

The Trickle Up Theory
Lost Weight
Some Place Else2012
The Trickle Up Theory
Lost WeightSome Place Else2012