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Hezekiah has been played on NTS in shows including LDLDN, featured first on 20 June 2015. Songs played include Soul Music Remix (Clean).

Question: What do you get when you mix a Delaware-raised former choirboy and preteen Funk singer with a diehard DIY Hip Hop head who cites country music, Quincy Jones and Kool G. Rap as influences in the same breath?

Answer: One of the dopest Emcees-slash-producers-slash-singers-slash-guitar players-slash-songwriters that you've never heard. You can call him Hezekiah.

Born into a musical family, and raised just outside of Philadelphia, Hezekiah got his chops at an early age, belting out God's greatest hits at his family's church, and…

Soul Music Remix (Clean)
Hezekiah feat. Eleon
Soulspazm Records2005
Soul Music Remix (Clean)
Hezekiah feat. EleonSoulspazm Records2005