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Soft Riot

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Soft Riot

Soft Riot has been played on NTS in shows including Gabi, featured first on 8 September 2014. Songs played include Another Drone In Your Head.

Soft Riot is a London based act consisting of one JJD (Jack Duckworth); a former Vancouverite who has clocked over fifteen years of musical output in various bands and projects. With origins from the mid-nineties in the vibrant art-punk/hardcore dominating the West Coast American/Canadian underground at the time (the first EP, “No Longer Stranger”, is the name of a track by hardcore band Universal Order of Armageddon), JJD followed a trajectory through to the revival of synth-based post-punk music just…

Another Drone In Your Head
Soft Riot
Other Voices Records, Volar Records2013
Another Drone In Your Head
Soft RiotOther Voices Records, Volar Records2013