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The Bronzettes

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The Bronzettes

The Bronzettes has been played on NTS in shows including Los Hitters, featured first on 9 October 2014. Songs played include Temptation Is Hard To Fight.

The Bronzettes were a Philadelphia group (not to be confused with the George McGregor Bronzettes who recorded for Twilight - they were from Chicago) that were produced by Chubby Checker after his personal recording days were over. Chubby, and the whole Cameo-Parkway complex, continued to make great, danceable records all through the 1960s. He wrote and produced "Hot Spot" for The Bronzettes and released it in the fall of 1964.

Temptation Is Hard To Fight
George McGregor, The Bronzettes
Twilight Records1967
Temptation Is Hard To Fight
George McGregor, The BronzettesTwilight Records1967