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Darkness Falls

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Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls has been played on NTS shows including You'll Soon Know w/ Tim Parker, with Timeline (Tom Demac Remix) first played on 22 October 2012.

Darkness Falls are a rock duo formed in 2009, consisting of Josephine Philip, vocals and keyboard, and Ina Lindgreen on bass & guitar.


"Darkness Falls create a dramatic atmospheric sound combining distorted twang guitars, haunting synths, gritty drums and striking vocals. Pop allure turns into noise only to revert back into harmony. Enticing lyrics collide with a drone like base, romance crashes into reality and hope and regret are equal on the scale. The tempo shifts, from sorrow…

Timeline (Tom Demac Remix)
Darkness Falls (Tom Demac mix)
HFN Music2012
Timeline (Tom Demac Remix)
Darkness Falls (Tom Demac mix)HFN Music2012