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Gingy & Bordello

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Gingy & Bordello

Gingy & Bordello has been played on NTS in shows including DEBONAIR, featured first on 22 October 2013. Songs played include Iron & Water (Kevin McPhee).

A true product of Toronto’s thrillingly cosmopolitan Grooving Pot, this Chinese-Italian duo offers much more than a staggering blow to the face of casual racism, crafting highly effective acid tracks with just a hint of banger.

Bordello has served as Turbo’s in-house intern for the past year, managing such vital tasks such as buying Tiga’s bagels, toasting Tiga’s bagels, and offering a youthful take on bagels to a bunch of jaded crabs. Gingy, by all accounts, is a really nice…

Iron & Water (Kevin McPhee)
Gingy & Bordello (Kevin McPhee mix)
Iron & Water (Kevin McPhee)
Gingy & Bordello (Kevin McPhee mix)Turbo2012