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Kira Kira

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Kira Kira

Kira Kira has been played on NTS in shows including Fractal Meat On A Spongy Bone, featured first on 7 March 2014. Songs played include Welcome High Frequency Spirits United.

Kira Kira is a constant enigma- extremely hard to define and almost impossible to anticipate. As a founding member of Icelandic art collective Kitchen Motors, she has been a pivotal figure in contemporary Icelandic music, composing music extensively for theatre, dance and film and creating myriad sound and film installations everywhere from Beijing to New York. Taking a particular interest in blurring the lines between music and visual arts Kira has often appeared in castle…

Welcome High Frequency Spirits United
Kira Kira
Sound Of A Handshake2012
Welcome High Frequency Spirits United
Kira KiraSound Of A Handshake2012