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I Jog & The Tracksuits

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I Jog & The Tracksuits

I Jog & The Tracksuits has been played on NTS in shows including Kit Records, featured first on 31 August 2014. Songs played include Red Box.

Barry Tracksuit, Dave Tracksuit and Bob.

I Jog became Graham Tracksuit and went off with Piers and Piers mate to record as The Tracksuits for 1 single.

Later Graham Tracksuit and Barry played as The Optimists, they never recorded.

I Jog & The Tracksuits reformed for 1 gig Autumn 2005 with Alan Bass on bass and Clive Product helping out on vocals. Clive lives in Berlin and sometimes he records for 9AM.

Dave (now David) Tracksuit and Barry still play together with Alan…

Red Box
I Jog & The Tracksuits
Tyger Label Records1978
Red Box
I Jog & The TracksuitsTyger Label Records1978