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Georges Delerue

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Georges Delerue

Georges Delerue has been played on NTS shows including Kit Records, with Camille prépare son coup first played on 18 August 2013.

Georges Delerue (March 12, 1925 Roubaix - 20 March 1992 Los Angeles) was a renowned French film composer who composed over 500 scores for cinema and television. He won numerous important awards including Rome Prize (1949), Emmy Award (1968 - Our World), Genie Award (1986 - Sword Of Gideon), ACE Award (1991 - The Josephine Baker Story) and Academy Award in 1979 for A Little Romance and 4 other Academy Nominations (1969 - Anne Of 1000 Days; 1973 - The Day Of The…

Camille prépare son coup
Georges Delerue
Pathé Marconi EMI1975
Camille prépare son coup
Georges DeleruePathé Marconi EMI1975