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The Sabri Brothers

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The Sabri Brothers

The Sabri Brothers has been played on NTS in shows including Kit Records, featured first on 26 July 2015. Songs played include Tu Rehnawarde Shoq Hai.

The Sabri Brothers (aka Sabri Brothers, Punjabi, Urdu: صابری برادران‎), are a qawwali group, from Pakistan, closely connected to the Sufi Chishti Order. Sometimes, referred to as Roving Ambassadors for Pakistan. Sabri Brothers were originally led by the soaring voice of the late Haji Ghulam Farid Sabri, whose periodic repeat use of 'Allah' during songs has become a Sabri signature, and his younger brother late Haji Maqbool Ahmed Sabri. They were the first exponents of Qawwali to the West, when…

Tu Rehnawarde Shoq Hai
The Sabri Brothers & Ensemble
Tu Rehnawarde Shoq Hai
The Sabri Brothers & EnsembleNonesuch1978