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Silvester Anfang

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Silvester Anfang

Silvester Anfang was first played on NTS on 29 April 2020. Songs played include De Gal Komt In Mijn Mond.

Silvester Anfang is the Funeral Folk collective gathered in a free folk droneband. The band started as a three-piece of Per, Edgar and Hellvete, but now the line-up depends on who's available to record/perform. Together with Ignatius Van Kempenhof and PI666 (who now became a vulcanologist in Switzerland) Silvester Anfang started searching for a sound that might be something called Pagan Belgopsych. The compositions are mostly non-musical offertories to worship their almighty overlord Brohll, but every now and then things just work out as free…

De Gal Komt In Mijn Mond
Silvester Anfang
De Gal Komt In Mijn Mond
Silvester Anfang(K-RAA-K)³2006