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Black Sun

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Black Sun

Black Sun has been played on NTS in shows including Getting Lost in Foreign Places w/ Andre Power, featured first on 10 March 2013. Songs played include Spread Love (Musapella Mix).

There is more than one band with the name black sun.

(1) Black Sun from Glasgow, UK (Sludge/Doom/Noise/Experimental) (2) Black Sun from Ecuador (Power Metal) (3) Black Sun from America (Prog - 1970's) (4) Black Sun from Czech Republic (Indie Punk) (5) Black Sun from Chile (Grimey Electo) (6) American hip hop group.

(1) Black Sun, from Glasgow, UK:

Black Sun as ‘Black Sun Machine’ was formed in Glasgow as a solo side project initially in the demise of…

Spread Love (Musapella Mix)
Lenny Fontana, Black Sun
Spread Love (Musapella Mix)
Lenny Fontana, Black SunEstereo1999