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Bless Beats

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Bless Beats

Bless Beats has been played on NTS shows including Shamos , with 16 Bar Rally Instrumental first played on 28 March 2013.

Bless Beats is a producer/MC from the great city of London. He has been involved in music production for over seven years. During this time he made many tunes, however his breakthrough came in 2006 when he made 16 Bar Rally. This featured some of the scenes finest MCs such as Wiley, Rage, Esco, Gods Gift, Jammer and Scorcher. This instant hit brought more attention to his name, and also propelled him forward in the scene. This led, in 2007, to him being…

16 Bar Rally Instrumental
Bless Beats
Eskibeat Recordings2009
16 Bar Rally Instrumental
Bless BeatsEskibeat Recordings2009