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Bad Livers

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Bad Livers

Bad Livers has been played on NTS shows including The Kim & Pia Show, with Fist Magnet first played on 10 November 2013.

Bad Livers was a trio from Austin, Texas, formed in 1990. The original lineup included Danny Barnes (vocals and banjo), Mark Rubin (bass, tuba) and Ralph White (accordion, fiddle). The band played an eclectic mix of old time, bluegrass, punk and whatever else they could think of, making them difficult to categorize.

Their first release was a gospel cassette, "Dust on the Bible", (later reissued on CD) followed by the CDs "Delusions of Banjer" and "Horses in the Mines".

In 1996 Ralph White left…

Fist Magnet
Bad Livers
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Fist Magnet
Bad LiversSugar Hill Records2000