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Brian Aneurysm

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Brian Aneurysm

Brian Aneurysm has been played on NTS shows including 88 Transition w/ Tasker, with Inertia (Maetrik Remix) first played on 1 June 2014.

Bernhard Pucher has had nearly 10 years’ experience as a DJ, and his productions as Brian Aneurysm have appeared on labels such as Poker Flat, Sub-static and his own Iron Box imprint. Additionally, he has recorded under seveal aliases, inlcuding Confutatis and Echopilot which found release on Morris Audio Citysport and Traum Schallplatten.

Originally an Austrian, Pucher has lived in Texas since the late 1990s, where his musical palette has grown to include industrial and hard techno, the influences of which permeate his…

Inertia (Maetrik Remix)
Brian Aneurysm (Maetrik mix)
Iron Box Music2002
Inertia (Maetrik Remix)
Brian Aneurysm (Maetrik mix)Iron Box Music2002