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The Cave Dwellers

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The Cave Dwellers

The Cave Dwellers has been played on NTS in shows including Fervent Moon, featured first on 14 July 2014. Songs played include You Know Why.

The cave dwellers was a band started in maine by three college roommates and a friend at the university of Maine; Jeff Black (Guitar), Gardiner Jackson (Guitar), Andrea Johnsen (Lead Vocals), and Travis Hall (Vocal percussion). The band name comes from the appartment that Jeff, Gardiner and for a tıme Andrea lived ın; The Cave. It was given the name after the band decıded to insulate the poorly maintained windows wıth colorful tapıstrıes giving ıt a sort of "out…

You Know Why
The Cave Dwellers
Jim-Ko Inc.1967
You Know Why
The Cave DwellersJim-Ko Inc.1967