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Leona Anderson

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Leona Anderson

Leona Anderson has been played on NTS in shows including 150 Session, featured first on 1 October 2014. Songs played include Rats In My Room.

Lest you hasten to place this record on your phonograph (in an unguarded moment) for the muted background entertainment of dinner guests, or perhaps just droppers-by, a word of advice to those who perchance fall into the category of the more ardent lovers of the arts—in this case, music (?)—EN GARDE!!!

Vocal coaches throughout the world are still recuperating from their fruitless attempts to make a singer out of LEONA ANDERSON—who, after exhausting the best available teachers in the country, headed…

Rats In My Room
Leona Anderson
Unique Records1956
Rats In My Room
Leona AndersonUnique Records1956