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Davenport has been played on NTS shows including From The Depths w/ Drakeford, with Sheep Meadow Invocation Part 1 first played on 14 November 2014.

There is more than one artist with this name, including: 1) Davenport is an American jazz/psychedlic collective led by Clay Ruby. 2) Davenport was a 90s American punk band from Pittsburgh. 3) Davenport was a short-lived indie-rock band from Illinois. 4) Davenport is a Canadian folk-rock band led by frontman Peter Day. 5) Davenport is a Danish band. 6) Davenport was an Austrian indie-rock emo band.

1) Davenport ( or, more fully, The Davenport Family) is an American jazz/psychedlic collective…

Sheep Meadow Invocation Part 1
Davenport Family
Haamumaa, 23 Productions2005
Sheep Meadow Invocation Part 1
Davenport FamilyHaamumaa, 23 Productions2005