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Bird's Eye View

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Bird's Eye View

Bird's Eye View has been played on NTS over 10 times, featured on 13 episodes and was first played on 18 November 2014.

Bird's Eye View was a Classic Rock meets Modern Rock band from Saint John, NB Canada.

Members were: Matt Creamer - Vocals, Guitar Joe Ross - Lead Guitar Sean McGrath - Bass Craig James - Guitar Terrence Ross - Drums

At the time the band dissolved they decided to release their debut album (In Between Breathing) for free on the internet.

Bio prior to breaking up:

Behind the modern rock sound and energetic live show, there are four unique personalities, simple chord progressions, and songs that just about anyone can…

Katsutoshi Morizono, Bird's Eye View
Electric Bird1981
Katsutoshi Morizono, Bird's Eye ViewElectric Bird1981