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Phil Spector And Artists

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Phil Spector And Artists

Phil Spector And Artists has been played on NTS shows including Round Trip, with Silent Night first played on 21 December 2014.

Harvey Philip Spector (born December 26, 1940) is an American record producer and songwriter. In later years, he gained infamy as the subject of a murder conviction.

The originator of the Wall of Sound production technique, Spector was a pioneer of the 1960s girl group sound (The Ronettes and The Crystals a.o.) and produced over twenty-five Top 40 hits between 1960 and 1965 alone. After this initial success, Spector later worked with artists including Ike and Tina Turner, John Lennon, George Harrison, and the…

Silent Night
Phil Spector And Artists
Apple Records1972
Silent Night
Phil Spector And ArtistsApple Records1972